Best Adjustable Bed with Wi-Fi Wireless Remote and 8″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress in Box (Twin XL, Queen, Full & King Split)

Sunset Sleep System memory foam mattresses and mattress foundations are built to keep your sleeping environment fresh and clean. We are devoted to your healthy and balanced restful sleep and good life. Guaranteed you will experience the best sleep ever on our premium pressure relieving high-density memory foam mattresses. Memory foam with cool gel plus high-density foam for superior coziness and support that conforms to the shape of your body

WLUPS Adjustable Base & Mattress Set – TXL                SSS-WLUPS-TXL8

WLUPS Adjustable Base & Mattress Set – QUEEN         SSS-WLUPS-Q8

WLUPS Adjustable Base & Mattress Set – FULL             SSS-WLUPS-F8

WLUPS Adjustable Base & Mattress Set – K2TXL          SSS-WLUPS-K2TXL8


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*Set includes Sunset Sleep Systems Best Adjustable Bed Base with Wi-Fi wireless remote and Sunset Sleep Systems Best 8 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

*Sleep like royalty, this super comfortable adjustable base and mattress set will turn your bedroom into a sleep palace

*Take the guesswork out of which mattress fits which base, we have that figured out for you

*Sleek wireless remote control

*Height of the base can be set using 3” leg, 6” leg or 9” leg to accommodate different bed heights

*Power Outage Protection allows you to return the adjustable base to flat position if there is a long-term power outage

*Pre-set zero gravity setting allows for the right amount of needed support, relieving the pressures of gravity by distributing your body weight evenly, adjusting your legs to a higher level than your heart, helping to relieve pressure off the lower back and promote circulation for ultimate relaxation, resulting in the best sleep of your life

*Programable custom memory setting just like you set your car seat

*Silent high performance motor

*Separate head and foot incline controls

*Full range head and foot lift allows you to sleep comfortably by matching the contour of your body

*Angled head reduces headaches, snoring, acid reflux and sinus pressure

*Raising foot lift alleviates spine pressure

*Fall asleep faster, improve blood and oxygen circulation

*Adjust to get in and out of bed easier and safer

*750 pound lift capacity

*Unit is self-supporting and will fit inside an existing twin xl or king bed using two mattresses (no brackets needed)

*Sync cord included so the motors can operate independently or together

*Can be attached to a headboard (brackets not included, available separately)

*Voice activated, Wi-Fi and Alexa compatible smart app available (not included)

*Clearance under base: 13”H

*Prop 65 Compliant

*Fully assembled

*Adjustable Base warranty: 2-year manufacturer defects, 5-year parts, 20-year limited defect, certain exclusions apply

*Twin XL Adjustable Foundation Dimensions: 11.25″H x 79.5″D x 38.5″W ;  Weight: 112 lbs.

*Queen Adjustable Foundation Dimensions: 11.25″H x 79.5″D x 59.5″W ; Weight: 136 lbs.

*Full Adjustable Foundation Dimensions: 11.25″H x 74.5″D x 53.5″W ; Weight: 124 lbs.

*King Split Adjustable Foundation Dimenstions(2): 11.25″H x 79.5″D x 38.5″W ; Weight (2): 126 lbs.

*The top layer of this cool mattress in a box is made using a 2 inch layer of Gel Infused Memory Foam

*Our dreamy gel topped mattress provides unique cooling properties and superior body support, helping to elevate pressure points, so you get a more comforting, healthy sleep

*This cozy memory foam mattress is vertically ventilated to allow better airflow and even more comfort

*The top layer is supported by a super sturdy 6 inch layer of high density support foam

*Poly knit removable zippered cover

*Non-skid protective dust cover prevents mattress from sliding and protects mattress from dust mites and allergens

*Manufactured with Active Charcoal added when the foam is poured to fight odors, filter harmful elements, resists mold and mildew

*Mattress is rinsed in mineral water after production, this cleans and deodorizes the mattress, for a fresher sleep environment. No need to let your mattress air out like other memory foam products

*This mineral water rinse creates a Negative Ion barrier that freshens, purifies and acts as a repellent for dust, pollen and airborne allergens and particles

*This medium-firm mattress is ideal for all types of sleepers

*All foam has been put through a series of scientific tests to evaluate content and important durability factors and is approved and certified by CertiPUR-US

*Emissions tested

*Content tested Low emission (VOCs) for indoor air quality

*Prop 65 Compliant

*Made without prohibited phthalates

*Made without ozone depleters (no CFCs)

*Made without mercury, lead or heavy metals

*Made without formaldehyde

*Made without methylene chloride

*Made without PBDEs

*Durability and performance tested

*Box spring not required

*Mattress is covered by a 20-year Limited Warranty

*Twin XL Mattress Dimensions: 8″H x 80″D x 39″W ; Weight: 39.9 lbs.

*Queen Mattress Dimensions: 8″H x 80″D x 60″W ; Weight: 60.8 lbs.

*Full Mattress Dimensions: 8″H x 75″D x 54″W ; Weight: 47.5 lbs.

*King Split Mattress Dimensions(2): 8″H x 80″D x 39″W ; Weight(2): 39.9 lbs.

Frame: 2-year manufacturer defects, 5-year parts, 20-year limited defect, certain exclusions apply, Mattress: 20-yr limited